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5 Popular Weight Loss Foods

Losing weight is never easy, but it can certainly be a lot easier if you know which foods to eat and which to avoid. There are many foods to lose weight that are helpful simply because they have very few calories, but the best foods to lose weight are those that actually help your body burn fat.

By incorporating fat burning foods along with healthy, low calorie foods, you can really speed up the effectiveness of your diet. Here are five foods to lose weight that will work on any diet.

5 Foods Helpful in Any Weight Loss Program

1. Peppers - Peppers are great foods to lose weight because of the capsaicin they contain. Capsaicin has been shown to increase metabolism. The hotter the pepper, the better. Some of the best choices are habaneros, cayenne and jalapenos.

2. Salmon and Tuna - Oily fish like salmon and tuna contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which, in addition to being good for your heart, reduce the hormone leptin in your body. Lower levels of leptin are associated with burning more calories. Overweight people tend to produce too much leptin, which may be one of the reasons they have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off.

3. Olive oil - We all need fat in our diets. Olive oil is one of the best foods to reduce weight because it is healthy fat and it's good for your heart. It also increases the metabolism.

4. Raw organic coconut oil - This oil is a little harder to find, but is a food to reduce weight because it increases metabolism and helps the body to release fat. It should be used in moderation, because it is high in calories, but it can help you burn more fat in a day.

5. Green tea for Weight Loss - Green tea is one of the best foods to lose weight for several reasons. NutraVesta ProVen It speeds your metabolism, helps create fat burning heat in the body and helps ensure that the carbohydrates you eat are released more slowly into your bloodstream. This helps keep your blood sugar stable so that your body doesn't hold onto fat. Though green tea has caffeine, it doesn't cause the jitters the way coffee and soda can, so it's a good choice for more dieters.

When you ensure that these five foods to reduce weight are part of your regular diet, you can make taking off those pounds much easier. Of course, you need a varied diet, a multi-vitamin and plenty of water to help ensure that you stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. But these great five foods to reduce weight can be your best friends during a weight loss diet.

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